Technical and General Info

    I make all of my knives via the stock removal method, using either CTS-XHP or CPM 154CM (Particle Metallurgy Steels) or the super alloy Stellite 6K. I favor XHP for knives that are going to be used very hard, as it remains very tough at high hardness. It is showing more and more that it is the best all around steel in the custom knifemaking industry, as more and more knifemakers turn to it as their primary steel.  I have friends who will testify to going through 30 or more animals before the knife needed sharpening, but these are definitely not the steels for a camp axe or machete. I primarily use these two steels on small hunting knives and folders that are going to be used for hunting. They are much more expensive than a lot of the more common knife steels and require a lot more belts in the grinding and finishing process, and so there is an extra charge for these steels. I am personally convinced that these are the best steels on the market today. All of my knives are heat treated by Paul Bos, who is the best in the business as far as I am concerned.

   All fixed blade knives come with a hand fitted custom leather sheath, your choice of knife steel and handle material (some exotic woods will have an additional surcharge) and my personal satisfaction guarantee. I will be including more models in the future. Due to my present backlog and the fact that I am NOT getting any younger (nearing the six decade mark soon), I am not going to be taking orders any more, sorry, but I just cannot keep up with all the requests and stay sane at the same time. Check the USN for an occasional knife for sale or meet me at one of the shows I attend annually.  My goal in knifemaking is to make a tool out of the most advanced materials available, with a fit and finish on par with the best knifemakers in the country. (S R Johnson and Ron Lake been setting the standard for decades.)  Thanks again for stopping by. Aloha, Tom.

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